December 18, 2011

Yesterday, we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and evening at the Balboa Bay Yacht Club & Resort, slowing down to savor the season at the Newport Beach Boat Parade. My mom and stepdad normally charter a boat, and our whole family boards to partake in food, drinks & the boat parade. This year, we did things a little different. It was SO nice. They booked a room overlooking the bay. We arrived early. We didn't have to fight the crowds for traffic and parking. It gets a little ugly out there this time of year. We got there early and enjoyed the lovely day. The boys saw the patch of sand from the room and asked to go play.

Ezra saw a man who was a little plump, he had white hair and a beard, and was wearing a Santa hat. Ezra yelled "SANTA!" and pointed with excitement, and wonder. I on the other hand, wondered if I should quiet him down, or let the man believe he really did appear to be Santa!

The boys enjoyed moments of quietly observing the beauty around.

They also, proudly donned these Santa hats. Which they chose as their one treat at the store the other day. They actually put their toys that they had originally chosen down at the register after seeing these hats.

Gorgeous colors amazed us at sundown.

We enjoyed every minute.

The boys buried themselves in the sand. Collected shells. Dug in the wet sand. Ran freely. Simple childhood joys.

We enjoyed the final colors of sunset from our balcony.

And Silas was content to crawl freely all over the room.

We headed down to the restaurant for an incredible dinner. The boys sat wonderfully for the entire two hour meal, and we watched the beautifully decorated boats pass. We then headed back to the room and enjoyed the boat parade from the balcony. It was so much fun. And relaxing. But after lots of play and good times, Isaak asked "will somebody please make us leave." Which signaled that it was WAY passed the boys' bedtime and we had officially wore them out! A beautiful night.

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