December 14, 2011

Today brought a very unexpected drive out to North Malibu. It was a lovely drive.

On the way back, we needed some lunch. We drove past this pier, and it called out to me. I listened. So we turned the car around and parked. We headed to the pier and breathed in the beauty of the day.

There were birds everywhere. Which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The pier is so cool. It has really thick doors leading in, so it feels castle-ish. Fun.

I love an old wooden pier. And it is so fun to look beneath the cracks at the ocean underneath. The boys had fun exploring.

This is what brought us out on the pier. I thought it would be lovely to enjoy lunch at Ruby's with the boys. Unfortunately, when we made it all the way out, we found out that they were closed down.

But it didn't matter, we were having too much fun. We noticed this boat being lowered down to the water.

We went closer to investigate how. Look at that water. The color is gorgeous. It is so much cleaner than the oceans we are used to exploring.

We ended our time on the pier with some lovely folk at the bait and gift store. They spent quite a bit of time teaching the boys about local fishing techniques and the local fish. It was awesome.

I love when a day turns out to be a total spontaneous surprise. We had a job to do. We did it. And had fun along the way.

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