January 2, 2012

What a fine little family day we had today.

Visiting The Page Museum, La Brea Tarpits.

Admiring the excavated bones of the Wooly Mammoth.

Gazing upon the multitude of Wolf craniums.

Feeling the weight of the tar, as we tried our hand at pulling it.

Learning about the Sabertooth Cat.

Observing the bubbling pits.

Finding random bits of tar coming up from the earth as we exited.

Running up and down the perfect grassy hill.

Driving to the Helms.

Watching the coolest water fountain.

Hoping to finally try this place for lunch.

Only to find out they were closed. But eating at a fabulous little French restaurant instead. And coming home with these lovely chocolate macarons.

Thankful for days like these.

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