August 9, 2011

The kid 2 ADORES the kid 3. Their interactions melt my heart. Everyday. Any time Silas begins to fuss, Ezra rushes over and his sweet little voice begins singing "Ittle uns to em eeeeeeeooooong, eeeeey are weak but eeeee is strong. Yes. Jesus loves me. Yes. Jesus loves me..." He also nuzzles his nose against Silas'. Throws his body atop for a hug. And puts his feet in Silas' face. That's how he loves on his brother. And Silas? He grins from ear to ear. He laughs. And he even nuzzles back. It is a beautiful thing.

They also both need a lot right now. Ezra is two. Silas is almost 6 months. Put a 6 year old in the mix, and yes... my hands are full. And yes... of all boys. I had planned on writing a post on how my "hands are full" but my kindred beat me to it. And, of course, did it more gracefully and eloquently. So please go visit her blog (below) and read the beauty of mama-ing multiple children. She nails it. Perfectly.

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Greta said...

Thanks Jen. But yours is pretty great too. And in far less words than I could ever manage. :)
Love to you from,