August 10, 2011

{Disclaimer: Please forgive the unfocused photographs. My 6 month old assistant was quite squirmy today in his carrier!}

Today, the boys and I ventured to a new nature location. Since moving to LA, we have had to find some new places to explore. I have heard lots of good things about Franklin Canyon, so we finally set out to discover it.

It is in Beverly Hills. Which just happens to be less than 15 miles from our home. Which took just under an hour to get to. Yikes. Next time around, I will try a different route! I must confess, it was quite surreal getting there. Traveling through the thick of Beverly Hills. Which, I must say, has exquisite trees lining the streets. We saw so many beautiful Magnolia trees, Isaak's sweet friend (Magnolia) was on our mind the whole time. Driving past the homes, my mouth found it's way to the floor. The homes are just insane. The size, of course. But also the fact that almost all of them had gates leading in. Two. One labeled "guest entrance." The other labeled "service entrance." Yeah. So after getting lost a little, we found ourselves on a very narrow road, passing homes, leading us to Franklin Canyon. The road wound around and around and up and up and up. Isaak was concerned. He made it clear that I needed to drive safe, because the elevation, narrow road & drop off was "dangerous!" He was also in awe. "Wow!" He exclaimed. Over & over again. I did not have a trail map, so we didn't quite know where to go, but we made do.

When we finally saw the Franklin Canyon street sign, we knew we had indeed made it. The first area we stopped at was amazing. A little stream trickled past and we headed up these steep steps.

The forest was thick! And steep. And I was alone.

Do you ever have those moments where you think to yourself "WHAT am I doing? I could fall. And no one would know because we are the ONLY ones here. Wait, WHY are we the only ones here? What if some random LA crazy guy comes out of the forest to get us? No one will know. Because we are the only ones here." Yeah. Sometimes, I can be dramatic. So we headed back. And because my brain was in drama mode, as we got back to the car, some random LA guy parked right next to us. My imagination took over. I rushed to get the kids in the car and buckled up. And then I stopped. I looked at him. I smiled. And then I sparked conversation. "Are you familiar with this trail?" And what do you know... he was. He was a sweet little Brit. And with his glorious accent, he led us to a safer area to explore with the boys. So off we went. And then, stumbled across a Mountain Lion!

At the Nature Center, of course.

Along with SO many wonderful treasures:

What the Acorn Woodpecker works hard at:

Nests of every size, shape and construction method. Not behind glass, but on shelves to actually touch and examine:

A beautiful variety of cones to investigate:

Vintage cases full of seashells to compare and gaze upon:

And a HUGE nature lover's library. Complete with a large conference table and chairs. You could sit in there and study all day.

But we are a family with littles. Lunch & nap time called. And so we were off. Passing the lake on our way out. Seeing many more nature trails for us to go back to and discover.

It was a beautiful day. And we are back safe to tell about it!

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mygirl said...

i love that you have been posting more lately and i love reading about all of your adventures on the otherside of my orange curtain. looks like our group will need to pay a visit to this one:)