August 5, 2011

Stop. Proceed with caution. I need to envision these street signs before opening my mouth.

Mamas, do you ever listen to yourself speak and actually laugh at yourself as you hear what is coming out of your mouth? Yet you continue on? Sometimes, I feel like I am going so fast, I just ramble on. {pause for my Led Zeppelin loving self humming, "ramble on...") I have been trying to listen to my mouth as I speak to my kids. I feel like I am two different people. One speaking. And one listening. Sometimes, it's totally funny mama stuff. Other times, it's just totally wrong, impatient mama stuff. Random things, like "Son, no catapults in the car." {as a bouncy ball comes flying at my head while driving} Whaaaat? Who says that? Evidently, a mama of boys. And how about "Son, please don't make your brother laugh." Huh? Yeah. I don't even remember what it was. Maybe disciplining. Or trying to put one to sleep. I just keep remembering that I told my kid not to make his sibling laugh. Or maybe, on a little bit more of a serious note "Son, don't say crap, it doesn't sound nice. Only mama can say it." Whaaat? I really said that. Nice job mama. I can say not nice things, but you can't! And how about counting. When and Why did I start that? As in, obey me or in 3 seconds something is going to happen "ooooooone. twooooooooooooo. threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." I MUST stop that one now. That is a bad habit. I am giving them permission to disobey for three seconds. Whaaat?Why? Because I am not thinking before I am speaking. That's why. Crap! I mean... Dang! I mean... Ooops? And one more, because we are on a roll. How about the deep, drawn out sigh. No words. Just a disapproving sound. I will remind myself to stop, slow down. Sloooooooooooooooow down. Proceed with caution. My mouth needs a speeding ticket.


Kelsi said...

My favorites from THIS week (just so you do not feel alone):

#1 "if you two can't be quite you will have to go to your room" - if you have seen their room you know this is no threat as it is packed with toys, also, why do a 6 and 8 year old have to be quite in there own living room in the middle of the day, just cause I am tired and frusterated, that is not really fair.

#2 "I swear you two are killing me!!!" - i must never say this one again because they were really concerned that I might be dying and it might be their fault. That lead to a conversation in exageration and in repentance.

#3 "If you put that icecream on your face one more time it will be the last one you eat." - ok like I can ban them from icecream forever, and besides, go ahead and say that with a straight face. If you laugh while threatining it often looses its effectivness.

Which leads me to my all time favorite quote of this week:
#4 "Please stop licking your sisters nose." -who does that? that is just gross, even if it does have icecream on it.

Maybe we all need a stop sign or at least someone who loves us enough to lick icecream off our noses no matter what we say.

j e n n i f e r said...

kels- that is hysterical. thanks for sharing. xox