July 16, 2011

C O N F E S S I O N | where I share something I may (or may not) be too proud of


I began these confession posts awhile back. I thought it would be a great way to be real in this space. Poke a little fun at myself. Keep it light. But I only got around to doing two posts. See HERE and HERE. I have been wanting to write this specific confession since I began this little series. But never got around to it. There just always seemed to be something better/different to write about. And then, tonight happened. And so, here it is.

After a long, crazy day with my 3 boys... I had a moment alone with my husband. I drew a breath in. Slowly, deeply. I exhaled and under my breath, quite sarcastically... I uttered "fuckin' kids."

Now, let me clear up any misunderstanding here... it was meant to be shocking and funny. That is it. That is us.

Immediately, he bribed me. Yep. And I am a shameless opportunist. (confession #2.) I took him up on it. You see, he offered me something I have long wanted if I put my pride aside and posted that for the world to see. Well, not the world... just my Facebook friends. But now, the whole world can view it right here on my blog. Except wait, there are probably only a few of you even reading this!

Anyways- here is the thing... it is important to me to be real. But also, it is important to me not to offend others.

So if you know me really well, and I know you really well and I know that you are not offended by cussing... well then, this is no confession, because you already know... occasionally, I cuss.

Or, if I know you well enough, and you know me well enough, but I know that you prefer to not be around cussing, then this is not a confession for you either, BUT you were not that happy to be reading my status on Facebook. (Sorry. Forgive. Because you love me.) Are you still with me?

Now, if you just kinda know me or you would rather NOT know me, then perhaps this is a confession you may not quite want to hear. But really... this is the most important thing:

Sometimes I cuss. But I really love Jesus.

Here is where I tell you that, that last line, was taken from HERE. A sweet little blog my friend had once linked to. And really, when I read her about me section, I just died laughing out loud. For a long time. Because, well... so do I.

I also love THIS post. Because it is totally me too. (Minus the whole seminary wife thing.)

Perhaps I need to get this shirt.

It's all about being real folks. Thankful for grace. And forgiveness. And definitely laughter. :) Peace.


Greta said...

I am so offended.
And I love you.
And I knew Scot had to be involved with that FB post.
This made me miss you even more.
Love from,

mygirl said...

oh friend, i have those kinda moments too. actually i don't think i even cussed before i had kids. it's their fault, they made me do it:) love reading your blog and your realness, christina

Jami Nato said...

it's amazing that a person can cuss and still go to heaven. haha.

Syd said...

but what was the bribe?

j e n n i f e r said...

syd... that's gonna have to be a whole new confession post! :) he he