April 13, 2010

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Actually, our whole family does. And we love it. Usually we are quite organic in our market habits. This however, will remain our exception. (I mean... we DO choose the less sodium option!) It is, after all, a lesson in culture. Scot's grandparent's being of Japanese decent and from Hawaii, and Spam Musubi being one of the most renown delicacies of the island. We affectionately call the "meat" Hawaiian Steak in our home. And we do serve it Musubi style. But mostly, we serve it as pictured above. Although, we have (since this picture has been taken) changed to the most incredible brown rice.

So there it is. A little window into the real life of us.

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Naomi said...

Spam musubi! We got a blue and yellow spam beach ball from the spam-mobile at the last Japanese festival we went to. It's no different than sausage or a hot dog - you just don't want to know what it really is because it's so yummy! Very cute post Jen!!