June 13, 2010

Today, I had the pleasure of a sweet date with my eldest son. We went HERE to explore how land and sea are revealed in the foods of native California, in its medicines, songs and dances, stories and art by the Tongva community. We joined my grandma, as she was working the event as a docent. We began under these beautiful flags, some with photographs of ancestors who have passed, honoring them and bringing them with us throughout the journey. We enjoyed prayer + song, and then moved on to discover. What was so wonderful, was that I did not know about this event until last night, when I told my husband that I was longing to see some Native Indian music + dancing. As posted before, I have a deep love for music of all types. Including, Native Indian music... drumming especially. My husband then informed me of the event taking place today and that it would be a great opportunity for my son and I to enjoy. Divine. (Thanks dear, for staying home with the babe so that Isaak and I could enjoy a special date.)

Our first stop, was observing this gorgeous Hawk. How amazing to see it so close.

Then, I went off to purchase some Indian Frybread- YUM and Isaak went with great grandma to investigate the Native Garden. This is his favorite place on the grounds as it is a beautiful nature trail, abundant in plant life with a sweet little stream running through it. To Isaak's delight, canoe making was available in this area. After obtaining his canoe, he ran it through the stream. And to his surprise, it became completely destroyed... being that it was paper! He went for another canoe. Apparently, a newspaper reporter caught a glimpse of the action and was delighted by Isaak's enthusiasm. She shot a few photographs of him, but being that he was with my grandma at the time, I have no other details. So it is quite possible that Isaak will be in the paper. He adored his canoe. (So much so, that he napped with it!)

After partaking in many other activities, we sat to enjoy the enchanting sounds + sights of the music + dancing of the Tongva. We were charmed by their detailed clothing. Isaak observed the many different types of feathers on their clothes and proudly proclaimed "Mama, I think that white feather is from a Snowy Egret." LOVE IT!

It was then time to return home. We had to park below the hill and take a bus up... so back down the hill we went. Of course, Isaak loved the bus experience. Now, if I can just get him to begin understanding that the people are called Indians and NOT aliens, as he so enthusiastically kept telling everyone! Oy vey!

Several times throughout our date, Isaak proclamimed "Mama- it's just you and me! No baby!" Yes child. And what a special time it was. I will now make a commitment to dates, just he and I. (And papa & son dates too!) Be encouraged to take time with your children, individually. It truly was a most memorable occasion.

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Johnna said...

What an awesome day for mother and son! Will you show me how to make the canoe?