April 14, 2010

The knife sliced through the melon, releasing the sweet aroma of childhood. In but a moment, as my nose transmitted the smell of the cantaloupe to my brain, I was transported. The smell of cantaloupe is my grandma. And camping. And Lake Tahoe. And abundant joy. For many, many years, we spent a glorious week of summer camping at Lake Tahoe. My grandma is the most amazing camp mate ever. Our camp site was incredibly supplied, including real dishes, real silverware, and real meals. Pancakes and bacon and sweet, ripe cantaloupe were my favorite. Although pictures are fun to see and bring back great memories, it is so fascinating to me how strongly you can be transported through time with a smell. As I breathed in the delicious smell of cantaloupe, there I was. Surrounded by tall pine trees. Walking on the beach of the Lake. Sitting around the campfire. It all flashed like a movie through my mind. I actually closed my eyes, and enjoyed each moment. I have told my grandma she is cantaloupe, but I don't think she quite understands what I mean. It truly is the most sweet, beautiful experience to slice up a fresh, ripe, sweet cantaloupe. Thank you grandma. I love you dearly.

What smell transports you?


Mommy of three said...

This made me cry. How very, very sweet.

Natalie Stewart Graham said...

Beautiful post, Jen! Every time I wash and hull strawberries in the sink, I can see my dad's hands doing the same. He died in 2003. The first time it happened was probably that summer and I was a bit startled! These days, it is just a sweet memory that I am so thankful for when strawberry season comes around:)

Tammy Callis said...

Beautiful Jen! My grandma is Nestle Quick Strawberry Milk. I used to go to her house on the way home from gymnastics and as soon as I walked in the door, she would make me a big tall glass and we would sit at her kitchen table and talk.
This Post also reminded me how much I want to make sure I'm creating these kind of memories for my girls.