April 14, 2010

C O O K E R Y | where I share what our family's eating


After my Spam confession, I felt the need to redeem our family's unhealthy indulgences. So I present you with this green smoothie. We popped on over to our Farmers' Market yesterday and picked up some produce. I blended up KALE, SPINACH, frozen STRAWBERRIES, frozen MANGOES, CANTALOUPE and a BANANA with organic ORANGE JUICE. Served in a wine glass of course. Because everything tastes better in a wine glass. And it was delicious, despite being green and looking a little chunky. Even Ezra downed the goods. And continued asking for more. Fruit smoothies are tasty, but adding vegetables truly boosts the health benefits. So give it a try. And I'm not talking about going to your local smoothie store and getting a powdered boost here... your body wants these nutrients from the source. And this is so easy to make at home. It is filling. It is refreshing. And you just feel good for drinking it. Cheers!

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