April 22, 2010

Earth Day. A friend planned a beach clean up for our children to participate in. Including bio degradable trash bags and gloves! Isaak was very excited to go clean the trash off the beach.

Having his buddies to do it with made it that much more fun. Especially when sandy hills to climb up, run down & roll through were included.

They worked hard to find trash. When someone spotted a piece, they all ran for it. If we could only have this enthusiasm to help at home. They were also sure to take occasional breaks in their work to allow for some much needed pirate play.

It was a great opportunity to play. Enjoy friends. And practice being good stewards of our Earth. We were thankful to have such thoughtful friends to have planned this event. We look forward to incorporating more "service" days into our future.

Thankful for our beautiful Earth. Do take a moment to stop + savor the land we are able to enjoy. And commit to doing one thing to help preserve it.

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