August 15, 2009

today, i just wanted to whine. so, of course, i decided to wine. isaak had a horrible eczema day. ezra had a horrible teething day. scot had to work. mama had to mama. so i opened the wine and began to pour. considering my trials of the day. but as i began to sip the grape's goodness, wine for water came to mind. my perspective changed. i became grateful. my life's little stumbling blocks seemed quite insignificant when pondering such global realities. check out our good friend's mission at wine for water. consider their campaign next time you are partaking in wine... or water for that matter! and be encouraged. cheers.


Aunt B said...

I was reading one of my favorite books, and it said that we all need to try to live in peace knowing that God is in control. We may not like what we're going through at the moment, but maybe God is doing a work in you so he can take you to a higher level.

Sometimes God wants us to change our attitudes, teach us lessons, or wants us to make adjustments in our lives...if we do this, we will see things improve!

In the tough times God develops our character...know that you will come out of it stronger than before, and God is getting you prepared for greater things!

It's not easy to understand the reasons why some things happen, but keep on trying to hang in're a wonderful mama and you have a beautiful family!!

Hugs & prayers,

Aunt B

Blue Yonder said...

Wishing you peace, sweet gal. And thank you, so much for the introduction to wine for water!

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Wine for Water is a pretty amazing cause Jennifer--thanks for sharing. I will try to spread the word among my family and friends.

I know that ezcema and teething will get better soon. I am sorry to have so hurriedly misrepresented your boys on my blog--sometimes as a mom with half a brain I rush to do things that I should take more time with. There's no excuse. And, thank you for so gently explaining it all to me.

I hope we get the opportunity to meet one day--especially with you moving closer...perhaps Ezra and Noah can play. And, Isaak can show them a thing or two about being an older brother.