August 11, 2009

perfect blue skies.  gentle breezes blowing the palm trees above.  the smell of delicious barbecue.  ezra joyfully swinging on the patio.  [he popped his first tooth today!] a glass of red.  good tunes.  oh happy day.  our dinner menu:: grilled asparagus, onions & chicken, eggplant hummus & corn chips, baked potatoes.  yum.  what made your day happy?


Grammy said...

...hearing about YOUR happy day!!!
xoxox mama

Samantha Grace said...

finding your cute lil' sweet!

Elizabeth said...

sunshine. the beach. my kiddos splashing. cantaloupe. honeydew. pineapple. raspberries. sitting here by my hubby.

Elizabeth said...

giveaway at my place!
that makes for happy! :)

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Oh, what a beautiful post, Jennifer.

Going to the beach makes me pretty happy. Snuggling my little Noah makes me happiest.


m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Hey Mama,

I created a post inspired by you and your little Ezra.

You may already know about these may not be all that helpful, but I will keep trying to seek out resources for you and other gluten-free families.