August 10, 2009

i have truly enjoyed my recent adventures in blogging.  i have met a whole new community of mamas.  it is so encouraging to find kindred spirits near and far.  it has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts, and reminds me to be grateful each day.  it allows my family a peek at our everyday lives, and connects us in a deeper way. it encourages me to live the life i desire to live.  it challenges me to grow and try new things. it teaches me.  

how delighted i was to receive a bit of recognition, being given a blog award, by amazing blogger and fellow l.a. mama joni.  she blogs at the encouraging mama milieu and the delicious feeding little foodies.  check out her beautiful photographs and words of wisdom.

to do my part in receiving the award, includes sharing seven interesting tidbits about me as well as sharing seven blogs that i admire.  and so...

t i d b i t s ::

1| i thought my holly hobbie & strawberry shortcake tin lunch pails were the grandest
2| i traveled across america when i was 17 with my grandma for a month in her van, it was the       most amazing time that will forever be cherished, till this day we still laugh at our good times
3| i quote movies way too much & the only person who understands is my husband who does the same thing
4| i only have one kidney, my brother has my other one
5| i camped @ lake tahoe every summer for 15 years of my youth & treasure every memory
6| i wish i could've seen jeff buckley perform live
7| i often use words of the past: forth, shall, delight, indeed, etc.

b l o g s ::

i love lisa's photography and charming words.  she keeps it brief, which makes visiting nice.  she creates amazing hand stamped jewelry.  she is an old friend from the past, which makes it extra special to re-connect.
erin is a kindred spirit.  she writes from her soul.  she shares herself completely.  she is extremely talented in her photography and has a very creative eye.  her baby girl's middle name is the same middle name i would have chosen if i were to have a baby girl.  ann with an e.  she has challenged my photography with her weekly assignments at 'it begins with a colour.'  i have thoroughly enjoyed coming to find her blog.
elizabeth has a very calming blog.  inspiring indeed.  her photographs make me yearn for a charmed life.  a life of simple pleasures and organic beauty.  her son's name is also on my list of names if i were to have another baby boy.  jude.  i love it.  her husband (like mine) is also a talented, fine woodworker.  plus, i just am drawn to the sweet japanese flair of 'so wabi sabi.'
i just recently stumbled upon and am still new to urban organica.  i am drawn to many aspects of this passionate mama.  her photography is beautiful.  she offers great tutorials of crafty goodness. she homeschools.  and her kiddos are completely adorable. 
megan is amazing.  she writes with conviction.  she takes time to ponder, reflect and share.  she touches many.  she challenges many.  she responds personally to many.  a great place to visit to become a better parent.  plus... she's sorta crunchy!
i immediately fell in love with elizabeth's blog.  she is real.  she is sweet.  i am encouraged when i read her beautiful words.  and she spreads bits of sunshine far and wide.
i found ella's blog when i first began learning about blogging.  i loved it, but i didn't really understand this whole blogging thing.  (really, i'm still learning.)  i didn't subscribe.  i didn't know how to find her again.  and then, one day, after i became a bit more familiar with and created my own blog... i found her.  hooray.  i was so excited.  she is an amazing photographer.  she homeschools.  she is crafty.  her boy is adorable.  she lives a charmed life.  and encourages me.

[i would have included mama milieu/feeding little foodies in this list, however, she was already linked to above... so i get to share more blog love.]

thanks mama bloggers.  i so appreciate your words.  i do adore your blogs.

if the mamas above choose to play along, they shall:
>post the logo of the blog love token 
>thank and link to the person who passed it on to them
>list seven things about themselves
>pass the token on to seven other bloggers (and leave comments on their blogs to let them know they have been loved)

thanks again mama milieu.


maya said...

wow, i'm so flattered to be on this list with all these thoughtful mamas! lovely gratitudes here, i'll be here often. thanks jennifer! what sweet littles you have up there, too!

Elizabeth said...

thank you, jen!

what kind, sweet things you said about me and everyone!

i will happily post this on monday!
i'm finishing out my week of my shop . . . i keep thinking of other things i want to post . . . so next week! that will give me time to decide who i'm going to love on. :)

i'm off to check out some of your loves!
i hope you have a lovely day!

Lisa Leonard said...

you are so sweet!! i have been loving your blog too. xxoo

... said...

Jennifer...thanks so much...what an honor! Thanks for including me on such a great list of mama bloggers. You are definitely on my list of favs. Blessings~