August 10, 2009

as i was nursing ezra today, like always, i held his hand in mine.  i gazed upon the freshness of his skin, his chubby little hands.  i noticed the contrast to my own, worn and wrinkled in time hands.  i pondered the amazing life our hands have.  taking us through our lives.  hand-y indeed.  holding. caressing.  feeding.  washing.  writing. creating.  caring.  driving.  pushing. pulling.  holding.  playing.  discovering. cleaning.  sorting.  living!  multi- functioning.  ever important.  and yet, seldom recognized for their goodness. today, i am grateful for the life my hands have given to me.  and what they will continue to provide.  today, appreciate your hands.  and recognize their efforts.


Aunt B said...

Today my hands hurt. They are sore from gripping the steering wheel and fighting strong winds while driving cross country. My hands feel rough and dry from cleaning and scrubbing the house we've moved into. I don't like the crepe-like skin that I've acquired since I'm over 50. My hands could tell you a lot of stories!!

I will treat myself to a manicure tonight (if I can find that stuff in my suitcase!), and try to relax.


Aunt B

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

These three posts are simply beautiful Jenifer. Beautiful. Thank you for these sentiments--they are mutually felt by me and I am sure all other moms. Thank you.

Grammy said...

...what a story my hands must tell...58 years - joy/sorrow. hard
work/play. worry/carefree. holding
my first baby/then my second. holding my first grandchild/then
my second. wondering why God created age spots. thinking my husband rocks for adorning my ring
finger with a mighty fine 'rock'. wondering why, just when my nails
start to look beautiful, they begin
to break, one-by-one, and I have to start all over again. thinking my hands look like my mom's, whose hands look like her mom's, and appreciating how lucky I am to have
had them both in my life (and hoping my daughter will feel the same way some day). turning
them over, and wishing I was a palm
reader and could foresee what the future holds for me...