August 9, 2009

choosing what to do with time has been in my thoughts lately.  extra time has been scarce.  making how i spend it that much more important.  the need to prioritize is evident.  family.  tasks. rest.  fun.  i consider how i can give, if i am empty.  but there is little time to fill myself up.  so often we hear about taking time for ourselves, which i do believe is important and i do indeed enjoy.  however, sometimes our requirements as mama outweigh the importance of indulging in our desires. so with half open eyes- from serious lack of sleep, i trudge through. the eczema will continue to heal.  the teeth will come in.  i shall find sleep once again.  but until then, i am grateful for this role.  i love being mama.  my pedicure, massage, night out, will be waiting for me when the time is right.  but for now, i choose my precious boys.  and so... be encouraged.  evaluate your time.  enjoy it.  how is it right?  how does it need to change? what will you choose to do with it?

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Christie Burnett said...

Reminds me of the beautiful poem by Ruth Hamilton which I posted recently, have a read;