August 17, 2009

1| my name
2| my hometown
3| my favorite color
4| my favorite food
5| a word to describe me
6| my dream vacation
7| what i want to be
8| my favorite dessert
9| my favorite movie
10| my favorite drink
11| how i am feeling right now
12| what i love most

answers:: jennifer. long beach. white. anything @ sarento's, maui. bohemian. france. a housewife. creme brulee. anne of green gables. red wine. like a gypsy. being a mama.

do play along:: create your own mosaic with the answers to the above questions and post, and of course... let me know you did so i can see the goodness. or, simply comment your 12 answers. i would love to know more.


Grammy said...

1) becky
2) long beach
3) black
4) seafood
5) gemini - that says it all!
6) south of france (been there,
wanna go back)
7) an inspiration to my children
8) anything with chocolate
9) dreamer
10)pina colada
family/puppy dog (how can I

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Oh, what a GREAT idea, Jennifer! I began looking for pics to represent my answers but then I realized my picture collage app., Picassa, doesn't let you choose where your pics go in the collage--it puts them in random order only, you can only shuffle.

Anywho, this is too cute not to play here we go...
1) Joni Michele Surette-Nelson (named after Joni Mitchell)
2) Los Angeles (raised in Fuquay-Varina, NC)
3) green
4) crunchy tacos
5) eager
6) Harbour Island, Bahamas
7) a balanced person
8) homemade tart cherry pie
9) It's a Wonderful Life
10) milk
11) tired
12) sundays (me, dean & noah day)

jennifer said...

thanks for playing! i love it.

joni... my middle name is michelle too, but with two l's. i love that you were named after joni mitchell. too cool. you must have great parents.

mama... lets go to france together! :)