August 22, 2009

it was w-i-n-d-y at the beach today. our stay was brief. but very magical. the ocean's movement was rapid. kinda like this kid's growth! sometimes i feel so crabby. (lack of sleep perhaps?) i miss out on these precious moments. note to self:: pause. breathe. take it all in. and enjoy!


Grammy said... lucky are we to live in
such a great area of the country,
moments away from the beach, the mountains, the desert - all there
for a wonderful "escape"! enjoy
the peaceful, simple moments of
every day!

Jessica said...

I went to the lake the other day and windy it was...then I went back later that night to do exactly what you said...pause and take it all in.

Elizabeth said...

yes, those kiddos do grow fast. and some days it's hard to slow down and just watch them and be with them. i'm working on that, too.

gardenmama said...

Beautiful sentiments!! : )