June 4, 2009

today i am grateful for the gentle reminder of the importance of growing peace.  i was reading about peace in our everyday lives just a few days ago.  being for peace- having a heart for peace, harmony, laughter and love.  thinking for peace- intent thoughts of letting all beings be happy, loved and peaceful. feeling for peace- experiencing the emotions of compassion, understanding and love. speaking for peace- creating happiness in the listener, refraining from complaints, condemnation and criticism. acting for peace- helping others in need.  creating for peace- create trust and eliminate hidden hostility and suspicion.  and finally, sharing for peace- sharing your practice of peacemaking with two people.  i was encouraged upon reading these peaceful principles, and hoped to work on creating these habits.  and then today, i was completely humbled by my three year old sweet isaak. he was not listening.  i had repeated my request to him several times.  he was still not listening.  i raised my voice.  you know, the mama voice... the listen to me now kinda voice.  and his reply.  in an ever so sweet, soft, gentle, PEACEFUL way... he utters "but mama, could you please be kind?" oooooooooooooh boy.  my heart melted.  i was instantly convicted.  i apologized.  and then, once again, continued with my request and his need to obey.  and then the scenario played in my head.  i thought about the huge responsibility we have as parents in growing peace within our little one's spirits.  this will be my prayer.  this will be my hope.  may you enjoy peace in your life and bring peace to others.

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Lisa Stone said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am so inspired by the insight and photography in yours.

My boys are "big" now. Oh how I wish I had a blog to document as you are.

I will add you to my daily reading. Your words are important to me.