June 6, 2009

this week, applesforpoppyanne.typepad.com had us on the lookout for numbers.  it is fascinating to realize how numbers play such a significant role in our daily lives.  waking, dressing, cooking, calling, driving, reading, buying.  numbers, numbers everywhere!


Aunt B said...

I've noticed that numbers can affect the way we feel...like the angry way I feel when I see the numbers at the gas pump, or the happy feeling when I see a birthday or anniversary marked on the calendar, or the sheer excitement over the countdown to Christmas!

For years my California drivers license was automatically renewed, so I never had to change it (except for a few address changes!). According to the Department of Motor Vehicles my weight has been 120 for decades!

We moved to New York and bought some new furnishings, including a scale for the bathroom. I've never owned one before, and I was shocked to see my "real" weight! Oh sure, I knew that I was getting a muffin top (the belly flab that starts to hang over the top of your jeans!) but I solved that problem by wearing loose fitting tops!

However, the number on that scale has made me start to feel bad about myself and the way I look. I've decided that I should excercise, but it's hard to get started. I'd rather have a donut and a cup of coffee!

Oh well, I still think I look pretty good, and that's all that matters. Life is too short to worry about numbers!


Aunt B

jennifer said...

that's SO true aunt b!

Michelle said...

Great photos...your blog is just beautiful!

Thanks for visiting me...and I like your Aunt B :-) Please let us know if she starts a blog too!!