June 9, 2009

the morning greeted me with a joyful isaak proclaiming "good morning mama.  look outside... it's going to be a beautiful day.  the trees are growing!"  indeed.  the trees are not the only thing growing.  my boy surely is as well.  so grown up.  and yet, so young.  these are the days.  today, i am grateful for a beautiful day [as claimed by my boy] enjoying: 
:: hot decaf coffee [trying to be grateful for the coffee, but the decaf thing is so not working               for me.  i just can't do caffeine right now.  ezra does not jive with it!  sad mama.  happy                 baby.]
:: fresh pancakes
:: joyful kiddos
:: a day at the zoo
:: inspired blogging
:: a delicious dinner cooked for us
:: a visit to grandma & grandpa's
:: cuddling ezra and enjoying his sweet sounds
:: bedtime stories with isaak and his new desire to "read" to us
:: time to connect with scot


Aunt B said...

Sorry that Ezra doesn't jive with the java!

I love the ritual of my morning cup o' Joe...brewing the coffee, the aroma, adding the perfect amount of french vanilla creamer...ahhhhh! It's a little slice of heaven!

Cute pics, the boys are adorable!

Hugs & Kisses,

Aunt B

Lisa Stone said...

I really am enjoying reading your blog! At a time where I am not feeling quite as happy as I want, it is nice to hear your words of inspiration. Thank you

Little boys are so great! Big ones, 15 and 19, a little bit different, but still great! How I miss those young years...

I am tired of the look of my blog and adore how yours is set up. Did you have it done for you? Can you share?

jennifer said...

lisa- thanks for visiting. thanks for the kind words. i have also been enjoying your blog.

i have been blogging for several months now. just learning my way. doing it myself. playing around, trying to find my groove.

i read somewhere that you were in long island. where abouts? my aunt b is also in long island. and i, for a short time, lived in long beach, long island.