June 10, 2009

today, we went for a walk to the park.  today, i remembered.  just one year ago, this street signal was not in existence.  it's location... at the exit of our neighborhood and entrance to the park.  just one year ago, i was driving home with takeout thai food.  but this was not like any other evening. normally i would've had my son with me.  this night i did not.  instead, god had a plan.  as i began to turn into our neighborhood, my windows down, i saw devastation.  a woman lay in the street.  a large truck behind her, and a man standing over her yelling for help.  it was a busy evening.  many people in the park for soccer and volleyball.  many cars making their way home for the night.  i remember hearing "help!  we need somebody who knows cpr!"  my car was turning left, right next to them.  i knew this was my call.  i parked and ran.  another man joined me.  together, we were a team, performing cpr.  working to save a life.  the world around me was a blur.  i held her head in my hands.  praying.  hoping.  performing cpr.  moments later medics arrived.  with stained hands, i removed myself.  i would later come to find out that this woman was a teacher at a faith based school in the community.  she was a wife.  a mom.  her family was in the park.  she was just crossing the street to retrieve something from her car.  that night would forever change many people's lives.  it is so easy for us to think that we control our days.  that we can choose what happens with our lives.  and in some ways, we can.  but this experience taught me so many things. as i passed the signal today, i was reminded.  reminded that our days are numbered.  reminded that we cannot control our lives.  reminded that we cannot live in fear, bitterness, anger, sadness.  and so, i walk on.  in remembrance.  with appreciation.  humbly.  and choose to be grateful.


Aunt B said...

Powerful story Jen!

It reminds me of two things that I've been trying to live by: Do not fear, only believe! (Mark 5:36), and Appreciate Each Day!

I love you!

Aunt B

Lisa Stone said...

Your story leaves me wanting to know more. Times like this take my breath away. Isn't it scary?

From your comments, I assume she did not make it. How sad. But you are hero in my book for being the one to help.

Your blog style is really wonderful. Don't change it. You are feeling your way just right!

I still want to know if this layout is available? I don't mean to pry, just hoping!

Lisa Stone said...

Oh I forgot to answer your question about where I live! I am about half way out on the Island on the North Shore. I live right near StonyBrook University and Port Jefferson, if you have ever been here.

Long Beach is much closer to NYC. Where is your Aunt? And why did you move to CA? Hey, my Aunt lives in CA! I just realized that! I wish I did. I don't really like it here, but my son still has three more years of school left and we promised him we would stay. I'm looking for beautiful views and some peace.

If you want to talk more privately, you can email me at:


Aunt B said...

Hey Lisa...

No offense to anyone here in NY, but I was California born & raised and I want to go back! We've had a rough time trying to "fit in" here for the last 2 years.

I'll spare you all the horror stories, but one thing I thought was funny was in the begining when I asked our landlord where we could find a good pie. He proceeded to give me directions to a local pizza parlor...I almost did a spit-take! When I said "pie" I was talking about a boysenberry pie! Turns out that "pie" means something else, and bakery items in general are very different (not as good) on the east coast!! I sure do miss a good cake donut with my coffee!!

We came here because of a good job opportunity for my husband, but as you may have read previously on this blog, he has been laid off.

My attitude had become very negative and resentful during this time until I started to make an effort to change. Having faith is HUGE, and I'm trying to stay at peace. I know that God will open a new door for us!

There is also a quote from Kanye West....Life is 5% what happens, and 95% the way you react.

So true!

Maybe someday we'll both end up in Cali!!

Aunt B