June 2, 2009

parenting is indeed a time of learning. i've been learning there is a time for everything with our little ones...
a time to correct, a time to cuddle.
a time to work, a time to play.
a time to cry, a time to laugh.
a time to refrain, a time to help.
a time to observe, a time to engage.
a time to dictate, a time to negotiate.
a time to be silent, a time to be loud.
a time to follow, a time to lead.
a time to rule, a time to release.
a time to listen, a time to speak.
but always... a time to love.
i am hoping i can know when the right time is. i am hoping i can make the most of my time by being in each moment.  i am grateful for this time. may you be in each moment.  and,
let us together, seize the day.


Lisa Leonard said...

i didn't know you had a blog. and its amazing!! so so lovely!! xo

Aunt B said...

Now that I am older, the one thing that I have learned about time is not to waste it!

I think about time passing by, and wanting to move past obstacles that have come our way.

I find comfort in knowing that your mother will always be older than I am! HAHAHA!! (Happy Belated Birthday Sis!)


Aunt B

Grammy said...

Heater (Aunt B): You are right. I
will always be your older sister.
But, with age, comes experience; with experience, comes knowledge; with knowledge, comes gratitude; with gratitude, comes peace; and with peace, Isaak won't ask grammy to "...please use your kind voice"!

jennifer said...

yes mama.
yes aunt b.

thanks lisa. :)