June 30, 2009

pure food.  pure body.  my inspiration. my goal.  it will be difficult for me.  i will surely be challenged.  yet, i must succeed.  we have finally received some answers to isaak's eczema. although challenged before, and not revealed... we have come to learn that our sweet boy can no longer partake in dairy or gluten. that is quite a blow given isaak's deep love for everything bread.  i will surely be researching how to bake fresh, gluten free bread!  so now, we will embrace all food which is pure in hopes that isaak will come to enjoy a body that is pure. any suggestions on gluten/dairy free food/menu ideas welcome... 


... said...

I'm so glad you found that out. I've been praying and I was hoping that you would update soon. Allergies were certainly something that came to me. We eat a lot of gluten free food just because I feel diversity is good. We don't eat a lot of processed foods, but we do enjoy small circle pretzels that are gluten/dairy free by ENER G. Spelt might work for bread if he can tolerate. Buckwheat pasta is better tasting than rice pasta. They even make rice macaroni. Many more options than there used to be.

apples for poppy anne said...

I read the heart breaking excema post, was just about to ask about wheat and dairy allergies and then read this...So glad you have some answers now!
These are in everything and a big cause of so many ailments...you will all likely be healthier for in the end though it is tough to break old eating habits!

Elizabeth said...

visit my friend renee at ~ exalt his name ~ (you can find her on my sidebar) - she recently (a few months ago) found out that her little girl cannot eat gluten or dairy . . . so, she has been on the same journey.

it will be worth it if his sores clear up!

Lisa Stone said...

It is so wonderful that you have found a direction. Please let us know what effect this has on his health.

Naomi said...

Do you know Johnna's friend Alicia? Her daughter was allergic to wheat also and I believe she has since grown out of it. She may be a good resource for you.

Also, here's a website of an acquaintance of my husband (did I say that right?), they're in the same information marketing class. He's been a celiac for most of his life and has a lot of information on there that may be useful for you.

Here's a recipe for bread: http://www.glutenfreehero.com/message-board/?msgbrd=2&topic=10

Here's a link to a website where you can search for gluten free restaurants http://www.specialgourmets.com/

And here's a gluten free forum:

And, he also says Z-pizza has gluten free pizza if you have one of those around you.

Hope this helps!

jennifer said...

thank you all for your support & ideas. truly appreciated.