July 1, 2009

another masterpiece to add to gallery- i.  in the spirit of this from soulemama, us naraki's sat down for a family draw night.  although unplanned, we all ended up drawing trees.  it was so amazing to see the variations.  isaak began his creation with no direction from us... only his intent. he drew with concentration and happiness.  i love this stage, as he learns how to represent his world through the language of art.  i was amazed at his skill.  he was proud.  the communication was also delightful as he described both scot's and my tree.  he was overjoyed that we were all drawing together.  it was fun.  we have also been enjoying time together in the rocking chair, creating our own stories.  tales of birds and frogs. trees and bugs.  i keep hearing him say "mama, can we tell another story?"  yes, my love... we can.  so to play off this new passion, we sat down together and i had him narrate to me his tale of this drawing. too precious.  this could be your story indeed!  and i can't wait to hear more.  what's your story?


Johnna said...


The Soulemama blog is so much fun.

Anonymous said...

What a delight your little boy is... And, a beautiful story, indeed. Nothing beats these joys of motherhood!! See you soon....xoxo

Lisa Leonard said...

that is true art--i love love love it!!