June 16, 2009

this moment was captured, babe in arms, during our day at the park.
i was then inspired...

the peacock. by gene griffin.

there he goes with his head up high, proudly thinking, "no creature is so beautiful as i."
he struts about with an arrogant air, satisfied with his beauty so fair.
the peacock thinks himself to be without flaw, thinks that all who see him should be in awe.
his creator has given him a plumage rare, causing all that see him to stop and stare.
the peacock has a flaw not plain to him, a flaw to his eyes very dim.
he arrogantly prances about with very ugly feet,
proud of his beauty, but deceived-like so many we meet.
he's not altogether what he thinks he is, to see himself as he is would be great bliss.
but he struts about with blinded eye, thinking, "no creature is so beautiful as i."
the peacock teaches a lesson true, that there are flaws in me and you.
that we are not so mighty and so high, that we should see ourselves with the humble eye.

this photograph and poem remind me that we are all beautiful and we are all flawed.
i tend to overlook my flaws. my desire is to change that. i want to continuously challenge
myself to grow. to admit. to gain wisdom. to live with a humble spirit. may you be
encouraged by the beauty of the peacock. may you consider the challenge of living humbly.


marque said...

Jennifer, Your blog and photos are beautiful and very insightful I'm so glad your mom shared your site with me on facebook. I hope you don't mind that I passed it on to several friends with small ones. It is great how you see the joy in the little things, you are blessed.

jennifer said...

thanks for visiting and for the kind words marque! please feel free to pass on the blog. this is a new adventure for me. i'm hoping to eventually grow this blog into a parenting community, where we can all share in our trials and praises!