June 14, 2009

today was a magical day in the park.  spent with family.  enjoying games, laughter, a picnic and good times.  learning new skills.  being challenged.  exploring.  discovering.  observing.  a fine day indeed. 


Aunt B said...

The photos of Isaak playing in the park made me think about how much fun it was just to be a kid!

I'm going to reconnect with my inner child, find a song in my heart, and be happy & carefree!

Life is good!

Aunt B

Aunt B said...

p.s.- when we were kids, and dinosaurs still roamed the earth, we played outside a lot and used our imaginations. But my favorite thing was a rainy day, so we could put on our rain boots and walk around the flooded driveway splashing water everywhere--for some unknown reason that was fun! Then we came in the house and laid down some folded bath towels on the floor, creating a hop-scotch pattern. We used little trinkets & chains for our markers, and had a blast playing hop-scotch! Oh, and how about playing Jacks! Good times, good times! I could go on and on.....

jennifer said...

yes! i too loved (& still do) rainy days! i actually remember diving into the gutters and searching for worms. then, collecting them! now, when i think about it... i'm sooooo grossed out. but every rainy day i think about it and wonder when isaak will want to explore worms too!

Grammy said...

Heater: That was Irvine Park-Remember...where dad's company used to have their annual picnic?
Egg tosses, 3-legged races, relay
races (don't mean to brag, but I
think that was my specialty!)The
park has changed so much - it's really beautiful! We had a Father's Day Celebration (mostly,
just an excuse for a picnic/party!)
The kids (we all!) had such a great time!!!

Aunt B said...

Yes, but back in the day we called it Orange County Park (at least that's what I remember!). We sure had fun, didn't we! I was a little jealous that you were older and could do more "grown up" stuff! Now I'm glad that I'm younger! HA!! Remember the time that one of the couples won the egg toss, but then everyone found out that they used a hard boiled egg?!! Good times!

Luv ya!