May 11, 2009

this mother's day weekend, i enjoyed and was grateful for basking in the glory of mamahood. soccer practice.  a walk through the nature center.  a champagne luncheon.  sleep.  breakfast in bed. church. family.  a slightly crisp overcast morning. another delightful luncheon.  the warmth of the afternoon sun.  playing with the family dogs.  races on a new big boy bike. dinner in bed.  kisses and cuddles.  laughter and love. oh how i love being a mama.

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Grammy said...

Thank you for an amazing Mother's
Day Weekend! What fun we had! Isaak's soccer practice - grins &
giggles! Champagne brunch was incredible (the quiche was fabulous!)and still enjoying the cheesecake at home! ... and brunch
on Sunday at the Fish Tale was such fun! Thanks for being an amazing daughter! Love you! Mama