May 13, 2009

encouraged by, i took the challenge to "see beauty in the small things."  this week, "to find bits of turquoise in your life."  what fun it was to explore about our home, seeking turquoise beauty.  i am grateful for the inspiration.  i found gorgeous peacock feathers attached to a lovely christmas ornament that has yet to be put away and a vintage ring from my mama.  delightful indeed.  now go forth and explore.  find bits of turquoise beauty in your life.


apples for poppy anne said...

Thanks for playing and I am glad you enjoyed yourself!

Aunt B said...

I visited the apples for poppyanne made me remember the way we used to pick dandelions from the front yard and then let them float in some water in a glass pyrex dish. It was proudly displayed on the dining room table, even though the scale of it as a centerpiece was all wrong!

I took the turquoise challenge and I got really frustrated--I discovered that I don't really have any, except for the Nick & Nora flannel pajamma's with the sock monkey print all over it (they're my favorites!). There also seems to be a bit of turquoise in the bruise on my index finger--a leftover souvenir from my "falling" accident.

I used to have turquoise jewelry (you know the cheap kind that says it's sterling silver but it turns your finger green!)...I don't know what happened to it, it's probably somewhere in mom's junkroom! Nowadays my stuff is all earthtones.

Jen, I love the joy that you have for being a mama...I hope you never lose that!

Luv & Hugs,

Aunt B

jennifer said...

aunt b... you always make me laugh! thanks. :)

apples for poppy anne said...

Sorry I missed you the first time around! I got replies scattered around so it was tricky to remember where they all were!
I have added a link to yours now though!
I really love yours by the way.