May 19, 2009

this week's quest... yellow.  i found this charming fire hydrant and water department access just steps away from my home.  until the search for yellow began, i had no idea they existed.  it's so strange how, with a focus, you can see something you have never seen before.  quite a significant lesson to be learned.  this creative challenge has now turned into a much deeper challenge indeed.  


Aunt B said...

Bright yellow is the color of the sponge painted wall in the living room of our apartment. I hated it from the first day I saw it, but the landlord was unwilling to repaint unless we paid for it. I learned to get used to it.

Yellow is the color of a little bird that I saw in my dream on May told me that our lives were going to change in 3 weeks.

It is 3 weeks later, and yellow is the color of the sticky note I put on the fridge...words of encouragement that everything will be okay since my husband has just become the latest victim of a layoff due to the poor economy.

I am grateful when I look at that yellow wall now...I'm happy that we have a place to live, no matter what that darn wall looks like!

Maybe yellow will be the color of the new door of opportunity that God will open for us!


Aunt B

jennifer said...

beautifully written aunt b. sorry to hear about the layoff. glad to hear about your positive perspective. love u.