May 6, 2009

so today was just one of those days.  you know those days, when everything just seems to be a bit chaotic and crazy.  and it gets to the point of being funny when you try to go to the restroom and can't even get your pants down because a knot has made it's way into your drawstring pants... just because it's one of those days!  yeah.  one of those days.  but as my husband says "the sweet would not be as sweet without the bitter."  so cheers to you babe!  here's my bitter and sweet. and mmmmmmmmm how delicious.  


Grammy said...

...sounds like you're having the same kind of day we're having! At
least you're laughing...! Love,

Aunt B said...

When tomorrow comes, today will be the past and you can "fuhgeddaboudit!"

Love & Hugs,

Aunt B