March 9, 2012


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"Starting March 1st take a photo each day with inspiration from the prompt." -Chantelle, Fat Mum Slim.

I love the idea of following a prompt to capture an element from your day. It really provides an otherwise, easily lost, focus to appreciating the simple things around you. Searching for beauty in the mundane. The prompts are simple and open to interpretation. I'm excited to partake in such a fun challenge, and {hopefully} work on developing some photography skills while I'm at it.

My goal is to post the daily photos each Friday.

March 9, prompt: RED

Today, the littles rode their RED bikes outside, while I did a little baking experiment with some RED cherries.

March 8, prompt: WINDOW

Today, the littles and I had to run some errands. We stopped for coffee and spied this WINDOW.

March 7, prompt: SOMETHING YOU WORE

My lips have been quite parched lately. This is my favorite lip salve. And SOMETHING I WORE quite a bit of today.

March 6, prompt: 5:00 P.M.

Lovely smells from the kitchen and an aperitif for mama made pre dinner reading all the more enjoyable... today, at 5:00 P.M.

March 5, prompt: SMILE

I rarely share photos of myself. But I have challenged myself to begin embracing the camera. And documenting, not only photographs with my children featured, but myself as well. I want them to remember me in their lives too. Not just their siblings or themselves. It will be a challenge indeed, but I am up for it. So this here SMILE is the starting point of documenting our blessed life. There is a mama around these here parts too. And she is happy to be here.

March 4, prompt: BEDSIDE

This weekend's weather felt much more like a Summer day, than the Winter day it still was. It was hot, hot, hot. The stagnant air called out for some movement, and so, we welcomed our little retro fan back into our home, on the BEDSIDE table.

March 3, prompt: NEIGHBORHOOD

The Mr. and I enjoyed a little date day while the big boys were at Grandma's house. We took the babe for a morning walk to a little diner in the NEIGHBORHOOD, and then took a stroll along one of our favorite streets. It was lovely.

Come back next Friday for another glimpse into our week.


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kelsi said...

missing your comments on facebook. Glad you are following the spirit but don't be mad if we pray for him to change his mind. Hope to see you this weekend at grammies.

love kelsi