March 6, 2012


Today, we ventured out to Palos Verdes Peninsula and visited the SOUTH COAST BOTANIC GARDEN. If you have not yet been there, do try to plan a visit. It was our first time exploring their gardens. And it was lovely. Spring colors are beginning to make their appearance. Oh, the beauty of it all.

Sweet pinks.

Joyful yellows.

Fresh whites.

All waking from their slumber.

Ready for a new beginning.

We followed the trail to a little Lake.

Where we saw, for the very first time, a one legged Mallard duck. Hmmm? An opportunity for a sweet little conversation with the boys.

And then off to discover the Children's Garden. Where Humpty Dumpty was waiting... on the wall of course.

It was a lovely time exploring the gardens. We will definitely go back.

On the way home, my car somehow had a mind of it's own, and we ended up here...


I saw it out of the corner of my eye on the way home. We passed it. And without even thinking, I made a u-turn. I haven't seen one of these restaurants in ages. But I used to eat here as a little girl. Especially, with one of my best girl friends. So, I had to share the experience with my kiddos. Even though it is a plate of diner/junk food at it's finest.

A lady commented to me upon our arrival, "Good luck with that!" Apparently, a mama eating lunch alone, in a restaurant, with three boys, needs some well wishing? (<- No, that is not sarcasm there!)

Isaak and I played tic-tac-toe and squares while Silas ate crackers and Ezra colored.

Then we partook. In burgers, fries & a chocolate shake.

And as we exited, that same lady commented, yet again... "Wow, they did really well." It gave this mama a nice little encouragement.

Strolling the garden and eating lunch out with my boys... bliss.

What LOCATIONS do you like to explore with your LITTLES?


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