March 2, 2012


"Starting March 1st take a photo each day with inspiration from the prompt." -Chantelle, Fat Mum Slim.

I love the idea of following a prompt to capture an element from your day. It really provides an otherwise, easily lost, focus to appreciating the simple things around you. Searching for beauty in the mundane. The prompts are simple and open to interpretation. I'm excited to partake in such a fun challenge, and {hopefully} work on developing some photography skills while I'm at it.

My goal is to post the daily photos each Friday.

March 2, prompt: FRUIT

These sweet little hand painted FRUIT signs greeted us in the parking lot of our neighborhood market, enticing us to go on in and pick up some fresh, juicy treats.

March 1, prompt: UP

A day at the farm. We watched as the sun shone down, kissing the earth with it's warmth as the sweet flowers answered back by opening their petals and lifting their heads UP.

Come back next Friday for another glimpse into our week.



Princess said...

Hey I got ur website from Fat Mum Slims website, just wanted to say you have a very creative take on the photos! Can't wait to see what more you have in store!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for visiting Princess.