March 1, 2012


Today, we ventured out to Orange County and visited CENTENNIAL FARMS. If you have not yet been there, do try to plan a visit. Especially, a visit near or in the Spring. Spring time on the farm is by far the sweetest! You will soon see why. There are certain places that become tradition to visit at specific times of the year. Oh, to enjoy the gifts and delights of each season. To breathe in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes... to feel each season. To be present. And to watch, as your children experience it. There is no greater joy. Spring time on the farm... do it!

Centennial Farms is a clean, small, delightful working farm.

Oh, how I love a red barn!

And a sweet, spinning windmill.

Gorgeous, bright flowers are blooming.

Juicy, red strawberries are ready to pick and eat... too bad the sign said no picking!

Crunchy, green lettuce grows against the rich brown earth... divine.

Geese chat with you.

Cows greet you.

And then your heart melts as you come across the sweetest lil' chicks.

And then you stand in awe at the wee piglets that were born just two days ago.

And you are comforted by the sight of piggies just a little bit older, cuddling together... and you wonder if the mama pig celebrates each birth as you do.

And you giggle just a bit as you see baby pig lying just as her mama does.

And you can't even handle the utter adorableness of this here lamb.

Especially when he comes straight up to you, looks you in the eyes and smiles. I mean really. Out of control cuteness.

Spring time on the farm.


What LOCATIONS do you like to explore with your LITTLES?


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Greta said...

Ohhh! Can't wait to do this!
We only go during the fair.
On my list!
Love from