February 10, 2012

Friday's random goodness...

My very first attempt at keeping a watercolor journal. I need some serious art guidance, but this is fun and I can see how it can become a little addicting.

We have an abundance of these sweet little yellow dandelions everywhere. My husband says they are pesky weeds, but I think they are misunderstood. How can something so sweet looking be so pesky? I found an old recipe to make dandelion jam, so I will be picking the multitude of yellow blooms and giving that recipe a try!

I LOVE being able to send the boys outside, and be able to watch them from our living room. It is so, so wonderful. And it makes this boy very happy to ride his bike outside.

I am getting laundry done at home now! That's right. And wow. It is life changing. I am actually thankful for the 7 months of having to use the laundromat weekly. And I am even more thankful to now be able to complete this task while at home.

Poppies are beginning to bloom around our house. And they are Ezra's very favorite. We will indeed be taking a trip to the Poppy fields this year.

There's nothing like receiving a parcel in the mail. Especially when it has a goody for you inside! I can't wait to delve into this book.

Hope your Friday is full of random goodness.

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