February 11, 2012

The boys and I have been preparing for our homeschool Valentine's day party. It is a grand party. And we are excited. We perused Pinterest, searching for ideas for Valentine's cards. Each boy chose their favorite idea. I LOVE PINTEREST! I could've never come up with such clever ideas on my own. This is what we did for Ezra's...

1. We put him in a cute, colorful outfit. We drove around, looking for a brightly painted wall. We found this yellow wall, it is a box store, we parked. People looked at us like we were a little mad, but we took some pics. I directed him to make a fist and hold out his hand. Good thing we took a few. If you do these, you want to be sure to have their arm that they are holding out even with the shoulder and away from the head! (If I would've used this one... the lollipop would've covered his face.)

2. We came home and uploaded the pics to Picnik. We added some fun text and printed them out on cardstock.

3. We cut them out, punched 2 holes near his hand and inserted a fun lollipop. SO CUTE. Right? We found these cute lollipops at Party City in the baby section. They had boxes of pink and blue. And although you could find cheaper lollipops, I think these are quite adorable and worth the extra few cents.

Thank you Pinterest!
Happy {almost} Valentine's Day!


Greta said...

I love these.
SO stinking cute, my friend.
Love from,

Naomi said...

Cute! You guys are amazing at this stuff!!

j e n n i f e r said...

thanks ladies. :) xox