September 21, 2011

All in a homeschool day...
And oh, what a day it was!

Wednesday is wash day. Because the current state of our home is construction zone, we get to do laundry once a week at the laundromat. The boys help. It is a big job. And with these hot days, it is best to start early in the morn. We loaded up the car and made our first trip to the laundromat. Yes, school can happen, even at the laundromat. {You will see later.}

After the wash was in, we decided to pack up our school goods and head to the Marina to do school. SO. MUCH. FUN. The boys took their clipboards with paper and pencil and strolled through the Marina Park. They began sketching their observations as they walked along. If you have never given your child a clipboard with paper and a pencil as you are out and about, I highly recommend you give it a try. Not only is it utterly adorable, it is also pure joy to watch them totally engaged and focused on such different things. As the boys had their heads down, busy recording their discoveries, we heard barking. Heads pop up. This was not the bark of a dog. We went to investigate and happened upon...

So sweet. And so wonderful to see in their true habitat and not behind glass at an aquarium.

After the boys did some drawing, we read, played and then went back to work.

On math. Numbers were everywhere. And it was so much fun identifying numbers and doing addition and subtraction with what was surrounding us.

After our school time at the Marina, we had to head back to the laundromat to swap the clothes. But first, we had to hit the market. Walking into the market we saw construction, which meant we had to go investigate.

After some construction observations, we made it in the market. We picked up a basket and Isaak found a dollar coin inside. Score! {More on that later.} Inside the market, another math lesson presented itself. Isaak picked a bunch of organic bananas. We noticed they were .89 cents a pound. He wanted to weigh them to see how much the bunch would be. We then noticed the regular bananas at .69 cents a pound. We discussed the differences, and so a lesson in science presented itself as well. Lots of math going on here. At the market. Simply with bananas. I could've easily rushed them through, after all, we had to get back to the laundromat. Often times I do. {Note to self: STOP doing that! You are missing out on so many wonderful opportunities.} But today, we focused on being in each moment, being mindful to partake in those ordinary circumstances that bring about extraordinary possibilities.

We headed back to the laundromat, but before we could dry our clothes, we needed to make change. Yet another math lesson. Isaak took a $5 bill and put it in the change machine. He was so surprised that so many coins came out in exchange. He began counting the quarters to figure our just how many you can get from $5. Lessons, lessons everywhere.

After we got our clothes on their way to dry, we set forth on yet another adventure. When Isaak found that dollar coin at the market, he excitedly said "Mama! I could take this to the dollar store and get one thing." Yes, son. You can. And so off we went to the dollar store. Only, it was the .99 cent store instead. And so ANOTHER discussion about numbers took place.

We headed home. Did some writing. Did some homekeeping. Roasted tomatoes for some upcoming cooking projects.

And then the littles fell to sleep...

While mama continued to work.

It was a lovely day. And throughout, I felt so blessed to be able to have these moments with my boys. As we learn at home. Or, at the marina, the laundromat, the market, or wherever our adventures take us. Just living life.


Greta said...

Awesome day.
Loved it all.
Love from,

Kristine said...

What a great day, Jennifer. Good to take the time and see all the learning going on. Wherever your schooling may be. May you have many more days like this!