March 31, 2011

oh, how i adore receiving parcels. and when you know it is from your bosom friend, and it looks like this on the OUTSIDE- well, you know you'll want to photograph the whole thing! it's the little things that make a big difference. packaging is one of those things. just look how adorable:

and what creativity:

"for the conductor of the new 3 ring circus"

"from someone with circus experience"
(she is a mama of 3 boys too!)

too cute.

and not that a package wasn't exciting enough, but isaak noticed his name + his brother's names on the package- even more exciting! and to complete the circus theme for the kiddos, circus goods. happy kids.

but then came this...
again, attention to detail. and because my kindred spirit knows my love for french- un, deux, trois!

once again...
too cute.

and inside the loveliness, this amazingly beautiful book. it even FEELS good.

i can't wait to delve in.
happy mama.

and so, MERCI. to my good friend. who, no matter how long it has been- or how far away we are from one another- can still make snippets of time to celebrate these days of our lives. i am truly blessed.

a little time. a little creativity. a little thoughtfulness. it goes a L O N G way.


Grammy said...

SO creative, and SO cute!!! You travel in a circle of wonderfully talented young women!!!

Ranch girl said...

Your bosom friend loves and misses you, miles of separation can not spoil our kindred spirits! I am so pleased it brought you joy. And the book indeed is one of my favorites, many happy tummies satisfied with the delicious healthy recipes! My boys especially love the "hot pocket pies" for school lunches on a cold day, beats the same old turkey sandwich! Xoxo enjoy!