October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to me! I am ever thankful for these 36 years of life. Last year on my birthday, I posted a list of 35 things I wanted to do during my 35th year. Today I look back. I realize that I did many of these things. And I also did NOT do many of these things. Further, I did many things that weren't even on the list. And I consider the importance of having a plan. A goal. And also realizing that life is not always about my plans and my goals. Because, although we like to think we are in control of our days... we simply are not. So this year, My list looks a little different. Surely, I would still like to accomplish the list in it's entirety. But mostly, I just want to live with joy. That's my list of what I want for my 36th year. Joie d'Vivre.

Here is the list from last year-
35 things i want to do during my 35th year ::

1 learn how to knit + knit all my boys beanies
2 find a gluten free daily bread recipe that i like just as much as my former daily bread recipe
3 vacation in maui
4 take a cooking class
5 learn a french song and sing it frequently to my children
6 visit the central coast
7 plant a vegetable garden
8 rekindle my passion for the written letter + write letters to friends & family
9 run wildly with my boys
10 visit the library regularly
11 play chess with the mr.
12 read, read, read
13 keep a nature journal
14 draw, paint, write
15 learn more about photography
16 smile more
17 pray more
18 praise the mr. more
19 fit into my armani dress
20 shop the farmer's market regularly
21 organize, organize, organize
22 picnic frequently
23 go camping
24 meet the new neighborhood, get involved
25 meet the new church, get involved
26 get a family portrait done
27 practice random acts of kindness
28 focus on the fruits of the spirit- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness + self control
29 surprise family + friends with thoughtfulness
30 master several soup recipes
31 memorize scripture with isaak
32 play with the boys... really play
33 take time to listen... really listen
34 kiss the mr. more
35 make a list for year 36

I will still make efforts to accomplish this list. However, it will not guide my days. Instead, I hope that my days will be guided by faith, in hope, receiving and giving joy abundantly. Wishing you Joie d'Vivre friends! And a beautiful year. xox

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mygirl said...

i like your list it is very inspiring. hope your wish for year 36 is in abundance! xo christina