June 25, 2010

Friday Finds!

The boys and I hit two Estate Sales today. They were so well behaved. After leaving the first, Isaak exclaimed "That was FUN!" Be still my heart. The boy likes to go treasure hunting with his mama. Love it. Today, we picked up:

A puzzle map of the United States of America. Perfect for Isaak who loves all things maps and who is currently learning all of the states.

A game of Scrabble. Not to play Scrabble though. This is a growing collection of Scrabble tiles. Why? You ask. For learning the alphabet and spelling of course. Since I am not a huge fan of plastic toys, I love using these wooden tiles with the uppercase alphabet for playing alphabet games and spelling words. Yeah for scrabble pieces!

This amazing mid century butter dish from Denmark. Love it. It reminds me of my friends collection. See HERE. Which I adore. This one fits the Naraki aesthetic to a T. Vintage, modern design, simple, earthy elements, neutral colors. LOVE IT!

These fun kitchen utensils from Italy. For Play Doh of course!

And a lovely handkerchief. Oh, how I adore them. Why did we ever give in to Kleenex? How much more eco-friendly, stylish and comfortable to use are good old fashioned handkerchiefs!

Isaak also scored a mini flashlight. He has a thing for those too. All this for a mere $7. Meant to be $10, but I only had $7. I think Ezra's sweet smile did the trick. Really.

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Mommy of three said...

Very, very awesome! I am a wee bit jealous about the map. But mostly happy for you. :) And good thinking about those Scrabble tiles!
Glad it was a success.
Love from,