May 1, 2010

Last week's date day brought the Mr. and I to our soon to be neighborhood of Venice. We enjoyed leisurely strolling Abbot Kinney, perusing shops. But mostly, indulging in the most amazing fare. Our first stop, THIS restaurant. Presently, my absolute favorite dining establishment. Not just because I love this light fixture of rustic meets modern,

Or, because this pizza of gruyere, caramelized onion, fromage blanc + arugula rocks. As does all the food for that matter.

No- it's because one fine day, as our whole family dined at this ultra hip restaurant, Ezra fussing & Isaak playing trains in the courtyard- the CHEF invited Isaak back to explore the kitchen with him. Not only that, he brought back a free, completely delicious gelato for him. LOVE this place.

After our meal, we headed HERE to this Patisserie. Yum. I indulged in the "Inspiration" - soft caramel with dark bitter sweet chocolate, sea salt and cocoa bean from Madagascar. Oh, yes. One fine day.

If you are ever near Venice, do make it a priority to visit & partake at both of these establishments. You will be glad you did.

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