April 30, 2010

Lately, I have been wrestling with this. My hair. Silly? Perhaps. Allow me to explain. I really dislike my hair. It is really THICK. It is c u r l y. It is drab. Dull. It frizzes. I don't like that I don't like my hair. (Did you get that?) But I don't. And I never have. I used to be blonde. Naturally. A beach girl with sun kissed hair. My locks have gotten darker and darker over the years. And I refuse to pay hideous amounts of money to do anything about it. I have, however, spent hideous amounts to straighten it. And then, I loved it. Truly. Stick straight hair. What I always have dreamed of. For a brief time. Pay big bucks. Have straight hair for a good 4 months. Then what? I cannot fathom spending that much money over and over again. In Junior High, my friend and I used to take turns laying on the floor using a clothes iron to straighten one another's hair. It was the old days ya' know. No flat irons back then! And although flat irons are available now, I DO NOT have the time to waste straightening my hair. It never gets straight enough anyways and always ends up frizzed. So here is where I have been struggling lately... when is my vanity too much? Am I denying God's perfect plan as I refuse to choose gratefulness? If I choose to straighten and dye the tresses- am I saying that God's hand is not good enough for me? A fine line I must say. Freedom to choose. Freedom to enjoy. But... in vanity? I shall continue to ponder this. I would love to dye my hair. I would love to have it straightened again. But... if I choose this, what am I really saying? Hmmmmmm. Thoughts on the matter?


Tammy Callis said...

Ah, a tricky and fine line for sure. And I believe a line that is different for everyone. When people start defining that line for others, that's when we start tredding into the scary waters of legalism. I'll just share with you where I have landed on this particular issue. When I was young I also had really curly hair and spent tons of time ironing it and straightening it. With each pregnancy my hair has got less curly. I finally started to embrace my curly hair after I had Magnolia and no longer had time to spend straightening it. I have to say I look back at old pictures and think it never looked good straight anyways because it was never truly straight, everyone knew I was a straight hair imposter =) I also wish I could have the time and money wasted back to use more wisely. That being said, I do still dye my hair but I do it myself and I don't lighten it so I don't have to do it as often. One more thing, I only saw you with your curly hair once but it's BEAUTIFUL!

Sorry, I wrote a book.

Naomi said...

I wonder about that too. What does your husband like? Could seem vain and against what God has given us naturally, yet I easily spend $300 on contact lenses to correct the bad eyes I was born with, or more for the crooked teeth I had. What about make-up, clothes, accessories, etc. we can spend so much on to look nice. If you can afford it in the budget and your husband would like it, why not?

Samantha Grace said...

I have to comment as my g-friend and i were talking just last night about our skin and the money she's paying to keep it looking healthy and young. My question is "how far are we willing to go for the price of vanity?" Why can't we just accept what is and be content in all things?

elizabeth said...

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have you made a decision yet?