December 16, 2009

our family attended a public school winter fair last weekend at a school that is a half a mile away from what will soon be our new home. it is a charter school. it has a completely different philosophy + curriculum than any other public school i know. it was really the only public school i would've considered for isaak to attend. we went to be sure about our schooling choice for our son. we were glad we went. it solidified our decision. i'm sure many other families attended as well, and it solidified their decision too, in a completely different way. we just wanted to be absolutely sure we considered all options. that we were educated. that we were following the right path for our family. a few days later, we joined up with our homeschool friends. a group that gathers for nature days, collaboration, fellowship + good times. we feel certain that at this time, homeschooling is what is right for our family. we met up at seal beach. we went sand sledding on the berm! it was so much fun. pure joy. these are some of the things that we did: explored a berm, took risks, obeyed rules, shared with others, collaborated with others, discovered varied ways of achieving speed + motion, investigated paths, observed + identified shapes & colors, collected shells while observing differences + similarities, celebrated nature, gathered sticks + made creations with them, played, had fun, learned without even knowing it! the learning was all child led. i didn't have to point out the learning opportunities. they were there. waiting to be discovered. waiting to be celebrated. i was available to isaak and responded according to his interest. i simply elevated the conversation. after a day like this, i am overjoyed to know about the freedom to homeschool and am blessed with the opportunity. i look forward to many more learning adventures to come.

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Tannis said...

Amen. We're a few years into our homeschooling journey and loving it for so many of the same reasons.