December 16, 2009

o come all ye faithful!
joyful and triumphant,
o come ye, o come ye to bethlehem.
come and behold him,
born the king of angels;
o come, let us adore him;
o come, let us adore him;
o come, let us adore him,
christ the lord.

i do think christmas songs are the most beautiful, delightful melodies. i often hear folks proclaiming their eagerness to begin the season with their favorite songs. i too, await the day when it seems to be acceptable to begin the playlist. but why? can we not listen throughout the year? can we not be filled with the joy they bring always? do we ever really stop and meditate on the lyrics of these songs? they are quite powerful. provoking. stimulating. jubilant. perhaps they get overpowered by the stir of the season. be encouraged to listen with care. resonate with them. let them penetrate you deeply. let us come faithfully. let us be joyful. let us be triumphant. but mostly, let us adore him, as we enjoy all the delights of the season.


Mommy of three said...

My favorite thing about Christmas carols is that the true message of Christ and his love for mankind is sung and heard by those who might otherwise never accept the message. It brings me such joy to hear "Joy to the world, the LORD is come!" piped through the malls and shopping centers every Christmas. It is such a sweet reminder of the power of God's word.

elizabeth said...

yes. christmas hymns and songs and carols. rejoicing in the birth of Jesus.

merry christmas, jen!

Lisa Leonard said...

merry christmas! xxooo