December 1, 2009

santa claus is coming to town.

is santa part of your christmas?

why not?

i'd love to know.

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Mommy of three said...

This whole Santa thing is so funny to me. I grew up with knowing Santa was not real and no big deal was made of him either way. We took pictures with him because it was fun. But we gave our wish list to our mom and dad. I didn't really care about Santa.
My husband's parents were very anti Santa. They wanted the focus to be on Jesus and so there was no Santa anything, anywhere. My husband didn't mind this but his sister really wanted to believe in Santa.
We told our kids from the get go that Santa is pretend, but pretend is fun, just like other pretend characters. We emphasize Christ and the boys will say things like, "Santa's not the man for Christmas, Jesus is!"
But....they still LOVE Santa. They say, "I hope we get presents from Santa for Christmas. Even though he's fake."
I don't really understand why they love him so much, except that he's everywhere. I don;t really worry about it too much. I don;t think that thier spirituality is at stake. I just think it is kind of funny.
And, to make matters even more laughable, I collect vintage Santas, so my house looks like a shrine to Santa. But I promise, it's not!

Gee, this is long. maybe I need to do my own Santa post.