November 30, 2009

come, let us adore him.

i love the focus that a nativity brings to the christmas season. i have wanted to incorporate a nativity tradition in our family for some time now. i have been on the hunt for two long years as to acquire the perfect nativity for our family. until now, i could not find the right one. the one that spoke to our family. that could last for many, many years. that could be passed down through generations. today i am glad. today, i have found the perfect nativity. now, how to go about actually obtaining it? it is handmade in germany. it is quite expensive. but look at how glorious it is! you can find it here.

how do you provide focus for your family during the christmas season?

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Elizabeth said...

that is so beautiful!
i have many nativity scenes - i love them!
we do lots of talking about Jesus and His birth and His life. in fact - my little girl believed that all the presents were from the wise men when she was little, and she figured out that we put a star on top of our tree because a star shone bright the night Jesus was born - Jesus is the reason for Christmas - and our focus is on Him all the year - so this is a very fun part of learning about and appreciating and loving Him!