October 2, 2009

the kid 1 and i are serious warm cereal kinda folk. we used to partake in oatmeal or cream of wheat with great delight. but no longer, come the food allergy awareness. i have been missing the comfort of warm cereal and am thrilled to have found a new alternative that is just as tasty. scot made sushi last night. isaak's absolute favorite dinner. with the leftover rice, we created this tasty concoction.

oat free + gluten free warm rice cereal ::

your favorite rice- cooked, we used a white short grain
vanilla rice milk
organic sugar

place your desired quantity of rice in a pot, cover with rice milk so that it just reaches the top of the rice, throw in as much sugar + cinnamon to suit your taste buds and boil. when it reaches a boil, turn it to simmer for a few moments longer. you'll want to observe the rice and continue stirring so that it does not burn or stick to the bottom of the pan.

enjoy warm cereal goodness, sans oat + gluten. bon appetit.


Johnna said...

I once remember trying some sweetened creamy rice from a pan in your mom's LF kitchen. It was amazing!

Deven said...

MMMMMmmmmm! That looks so yummy! Also, have you tried Buckwheat? My honey is from the former USSR and he grew up eating it anytime of the day. We love it with fried eggs.

jennifer said...


thanks so much for visiting. i actually bought buckwheat, but have not ventured out to try it yet. great recommendation. thanks!