September 27, 2009

12 years ago today, my hands were marred. 12 years ago today, as i awoke, i began to form a most beautiful creation. with delight, one by one, i pruned roses. taking off the outer petals to reveal the unmarked, beautiful ones inside. stripping off the thorns. cutting the stems. gathering the flowers into a bouquet of goodness. later that evening, that bouquet accompanied me down the aisle to meet my love. i smelled the sweetness and looked forward to that fragrance following us throughout our journey. my heart, happy. my face, smiling. my hands... cut up! i didn't care. i adore flowers. i was elated to create my own wedding bouquet. i haven't thought much about that process, or the results until now. now i see the lesson. because 12 years of marriage brings about quite a significant amount of beauty and thorns. the stems of those roses remind me that i have a choice. i can choose to leave the thorns of life on. waiting to prick whenever encountered. or... i can choose to prune those thorns. to cut them off. they will still leave their mark. but they will not prick any longer. the petals remind me that i have a choice. i can choose to reveal the beauty in life. or... i can choose to keep it covered up. my cut up hands remind me that life leaves it's marks. i can choose to let it become infected. or... i can choose to seek healing. i don't always make the right choices. in fact, i have made some pretty poor choices. but i am thankful that all it takes is a decision. the thorns, the petals, the cuts will remain. until i choose to do something about them. thank you my love. for your patience. for your perseverance. for your loyalty. for your faith. for your forgiveness. for your love. happy anniversary.


... said...

I love the analogy you've illustrated here with your words. It is so wonderful to look back on events, little or big, and see that everything has significance and can help us learn on this journey. Blessings to you and yours on this special day!

elizabeth said...

happy anniversary!
what a day to celebrate!

here's to many, many more happy and wonderful years together!

gardenmama said...

so very beautiful, happy anniversary!